How it Work

Laser Engraving is a non-contact method of engraving products made of nearly any metal. As compared to the Laser Marking process where only a surface etching or color change occurs, Laser Engraving is utilized when a depth is cut into the targeted surface as desired. Utilizing a much higher powered laser beam, the desired text or image is engraved into the surface by vaporizing material and cutting into the targeted surface. This method requires that the laser pass over the image several times. A contrasting image will result due to the burning of the material but the contrast of the image will depend on the material being engraved.

Laser Engraving can occur on both flat and round surfaces. The process is ideal for company branding, personalizing, or creating a custom personal project. Laser Engraving is accurate and precise. This means that every time you will get the most accurate and best looking engraving in the market. This is an attractive alternate to traditional marking methods such as ink stamping, chemical etching, pad printing, or mechanical engraving. It is also faster than most methods. Since permanence is a hallmark of laser marking, our system is ideally suited to generate a high clarity mark.